Wooden inlaid floor Artisans


  Workings and finishings to make your floor an art masteriece

Brushed, smoothed, bevelled or antiqued, every kind of treatment to make your wood appearing unique and refined


  Wide range of materials at your disposal

Taste and personality of your spaces, dress them up with Oak, walnut cherry and enanche every detail with steel, shell or brass


  Our team at your services

Delivery, laying, restoration and 3d rendering to satisfy every request

Chose the best solution for your spaces

Don’t know which covering should be applied?

Trust us, aided with photorealistic digital previews we give you all the necessary advice in order to be satisfied with your choices

Don’t have any ideas?

Let yourself be inspired. What has already been developed for others may be your starting point

Inlaid Deco

DCF 1.0

Coverings made exclusive by fine depictions



Geometries and inlays for unique flooring



Refined and great taste Ornaments



The elegance and harmony of perimeter bands

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