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Randa line today

Always engaged in the pursuit of good taste, unique and refined creations, Randa Line stands out for its high creative expression and specialization in design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and restoration of inlaid woodworks.
Nowadays main company prides are:

  • the ability to rely on the contribution of high skilled artisans with many years of experience in inlaid wood decorations;
  • the use of advanced technology in the production process;
  • good and reliable reputation within its industry.

With the pride of a wide range of inlaid products designed specifically for the covering of floors, ceilings and boiseries, Randa Line introduce itself in the National and International Market with a very respectable position.


How was created the name randa line?

Why the name Randa? Randa is a word used in the last century in the Veneto region to identify a “compass”. Years ago, this instrument was used by artisan and woodworkers to create decorations on wood which were subsequently hand inlaid.

As tribute to the main instrument used some time ago in the inlays, the term was chosen by Randa Line to identify the company and the line of his productions.

A bit of history

from its origins to nowadays


10 February 1986

The idea of creating a company specializing in custom woodworking comes from the desire of Mr Favero, Venetian entrepreneur, who in a short time is stated at the local level due to its ability to meet the needs of even the most demanding custode.

Purchase of the first Laser cutting machine

15 May 1998

Purchase of the first machine for laser cutting and consequent specialization in the production of inlaid wood covering, with particular focus on the pavements.

Opening of International market

21 January 2000

Landing on the Russian market thanks to the acquired know-how and the access to advanced technologies. Subsequentely developed in Brazil and Middle East.

Expansion of the product’s range

8 November 2006

Implementation of the technology with the purchase of a pantograph thanks to Which the range of products offered is enlarged by the possibility of realizing not only inlays but also carvings.


12 May 2013

Purchase of a water jet cutting, thanks to which the productive capacity will expand with the possibility of making inlays with stone and other materials (such as marbles, granites and metals).


Combine at best the fulfillment of the most sophisticated and refined needs with sustainable production choices.


In a market characterized by recent developments, taste and search for artistic and special solutions in wooden furniture has reversed its trend.

The most recent surveys show a resurgence of preferences to color changes, carvings, inlays, true wood masterpieces. Who really desire it, deserve to purchase something unique.

Randa Line has fully captured the new market requirements and proved immediately to be in line with the new trend that characterizes the Italian market but even more the foreign market such as Russian and Arabic region.

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