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Thanks to its experience in inlaid wood working, Randa Line is specialized in the supply of interior covering solutions from the realization of a simple adornament, to the decoration of the entire surface.

Inlaid wood surfaces are quite typical of the historic, and classical spaces. This does not exclude the technical and stylistic skills that Randa Line is able to put in the field for sober and contemporary areas.

Floor production is the kind of Requests we have been asked the most, but our skill and stylistic taste is well appreciated also for Boiseries and wood ceilings.

Wood Floors


Randa Line is able to provide both complete flooring, or single decorations (integration of the flooring or as a separate supply).

We produce floors, in tiles, or design according to the customer’s specific needs.
The appearance of the floor can be made up of design:

  • based on standard products from our catalogue choosing from geometric tiles, inlaid tiles, decorations, and borders
  • given to us by you complete with information on measures, species of wood and in any case free from industrial protection
  • developed by your own mind: our experience and your taste will create, starting from a sketch or a photo, a new personalized decorated

Our consultants are available for advice, quotation, surveys and on-site installation.



In the realization of Boiseries Randa Line considers in the design phase all stylistic, structural, functional and technological aspect in order to process and evaluate the best alternatives, in line with the demands to be met.

Our tailored embodiments are intended to equip, connect, divide and put in relation spaces with any height. Design, trends, style and detail to the service of refined and unique settings. The only limit is your imagination.

We are able to produce furniture solutions from the simplest to the most sophisticated, all thought to be coordinated and expertly integrated to existing structural elements such as protrusions, indentations, recesses, columns, stairways, sliding doors, etc.



The ceilings are designed to donate to interior spaces a note of elegance and value but at the same time to integrate functional solutions, such as the housing of the air conditioning or lighting system. Our achievements are the result of skill and craftsmanship combined with customer requirements.

Geometrical figures, inlaid figures, tiles and border, all embedded and combined on any type of surface: flat, truss, barrel vault, dome.

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